H A Y T O N A  Racing

What is Haytona?
is my paddock where my friends and I drive old cars around. We currently have 16 cars though due to the nature of the sport only a few are in running condition. Some with no brakes and another needs to be crash started everytime
Haytona is where drving skills are built up. Anti-skid and skid correction are necessary skills for drivers and Haytona is a safe enviroment in which to practice these skills. And have a lot of fun in doing so!
Haytona is an ideal place to learn to drive as there isn't a worry about hitting any other cars and the old cars can take a thrashing unlike mommies shopping basket.

What cars are at HAYTONA?
We Currently have SIXTEEN vehicles. Mainly old british technology. They are all stored carefully under a macrocarpa hedge next to a railway line. True blue kiwi tradition.

What about your road car?
I had a Hillman Hunter which we did up. Turned it from a heap into quite a respectable motor vehicle.
Now though I have another Hillman but this time an Avenger. This car is no way near stock with a Toyota engine and many more modifications.

Are we allowed to do this?
Its on our property so its fine. None of the neighbours have complained yet with our unmuffled vehicles. My parents let us drive around and tear up the paddock!
Recently though Dad has been worried that the cows may not have enough grass because we are tearing it up!

What do I need?
A little list of essential items.

Copyright 1997
Hamish Carpenter (author)

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