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This is Pikachu's house

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If you want to adopt a Pokemon go to Pikachu's castle and go to pacz.

Please come to the site below because if it gets 1,000,000 people to go on it then it gives a tribute to Pikachu!


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Pikachu's power is: lightning

He is Ash's favourite pokemon

He does not live in a pokeball

He is the most popular and known pokemon

He evolves to Riachu



Squirtle's power is: Squirt gun and bubbles

Ash finds him very helpful

He lives in a pokeball

He is sort of well known and popular

He evolve's to wartortle and blastoise




Charmanders power is: Fire

Most helpful

Does live in a pokeball

Evolves to Charmeleon then Charizard


Team Rocket

Power is: Pokemon

Always lose in t.v series

Definitly dont live in a pokeball


Ash and his friends

Power is: Pokemon

Always win in t.v series

Definitly dont live in a pokeball





Ash's destiny is to be a master pokemon trainer. He likes Pikachu more then any other pokemon. Ash and Misty like to tease Broc whenever he thinks that a women is beautiful. Ash is so eager to furfill his destiny that he wants to catch every pokemon he sees. Ash specializes in ground pokemon.



Misty is the female on pokemon or pocket monsters[the japanese name]. Misty's destiny is to be a Pokemon trainer and a Pokemon nurse. Misty speacializes in water pokemon. Misty is Pikachu's Pika pal.



Broc is obsessed with 'beautiful' women. Broc's destiny is to be a Pokemon docter. Broc gets mad easily at Misty and Ash when they make fun of him. Broc think's Pikachu is funny and cute. Broc makes pokemon food for sick pokemon.[Seamore likes it too!]



Pikachu is the most well known and famous pokemon in the world. He is very cute. Pikachu likes to zap Ash whenever ash makes him angry. Pikachu evolves to Raichu[he does not evolve in the t.v series]. Pikachu is well known for his cute voice and his funny attude to show off his face. Pikachu can be adopted from P.A.C.Z adoption centre along with all other 149 pokemon!


This is my Zapdos, Volt, I got him free at P.A.C.Z. I tell ya this is the best friend I have, so you should adopt one too!





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